Thoughts on I Vant to Suck Your…

Has anyone else ever wondered about the relationship between accepted forms of hierarchy and D/s? What is the difference between the long-haul enlisted soldier who is most comfortable in a strictly regulated lifestyle where there are rules regarding how to eat, sleep and piss and a clearly defined chain of command, and those submissives who are most comfortable with a strictly regulated lifestyle where their are rules regarding how to eat, sleep and piss and a clearly defined chain of command?

I’m not saying all submissives do, or should, feel this way. But those that do certainly exist. More and more I think that the military, as the one of the last socially accepted hierarchies, in some ways is a giant leather family.

It’s interesting, that sadism and masochism have histories going back centuries, but you don’t find much about the love of submission or love of domination. Maybe that is because before the world got on this “Everyone MUST be equal” kick, hierarchies were just a normal part of life, so people didn’t need go to socially unacceptable extremes to seek one out. Obviously, how easy it was to be at the top or bottom of those hierarchies had a great deal to do with your social class and assumed gender. But those who were lucky and fought hard enough could make their way to the top of one or more hierarchies even if they were born on the bottom.

I Vant to Suck Your… doesn’t match the usual expectations of a D/s story. You could argue that it isn’t D/s at all. But Marcus was adrift and lost int he world without someone worthy of his obedience, and Chuck has the instinct to command and dominate. Just because their drive to dominate or submit is expressed in terms of the military doesn’t take away that inherent need.

For anyone who is wondering: yes, I am aware that a Roman legionnaire would not have the same rituals, responses and habits as a modern soldier. I allowed myself some artistic license for the sake of clarity and simplicity in a short story. Plus, if the US Marines training and tactics was (as I have been told) modeled off the Roman legions, then there is at least some institutional relationship. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Apologies for the very rough nature of this piece. I enjoyed the story, but after three weeks of staring at it non-stop, I reached the point where I couldn’t stand to even look at it anymore. Eventually I’ll go back and clean up the nasty typos and all. But for now I’m off to play with werewolves.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on I Vant to Suck Your…

    1. Ms Mahler Post author

      Sorry for not getting back to you sooner – it’s been a crazy week. As a very new blog, I haven’t had any guest authors yet, but if someone had a story they were interested in having up here, I’d be glad to take a look at it. I hope you’ve enjoyed the stories.


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