Thoughts on: A Hole in the Pack

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I am absolutely delighted to have a piece that I am totally pleased with, finally.

David’s tale is very simple, and really doesn’t fit the proper definition of a ‘story’ (there is no conflict, no climatic confrontation, etc); it’s much more a very long vignette of what happened the weekend David became a member of the family.

And I love it.

Werewolves have always been one of my favorite fantasy creatures. They fascinate me on so many levels. The more wolf-like they are, the more I’m drawn in, but even the werewolves that are mostly pure monster are fun. So when I started writing these kinky fantasies, it was a given that I would include werewolves some how. But how was the question. Werewolves just don’t fit in the standard dom/sub or sadist/masochist tale. They are a combination of humans and wolves, two highly social mammals. They run in packs.

Leather families were an obvious way to take a werewolf tale and make it kinky. Sadly, I was rather guessing as to what my leather family might look like, since I know relatively little about leather. While I’ve met members of a few leather families over the years, I didn’t get to know them well enough to learn much about their households (none of my business unless they choose to share, after all) and internet research was as useful as it ever is.

So I tried to keep it fairly generic, family-of-choice with an internal hierarchy, and ran with it. A few responses suggest that the family came out as well as the story as a whole.

I have a particular fondness for David. Possibly because he’s such a nice departure from a different character that has haunted my life for about a year now. The novel length fiction I’ve been working on also has as a main character a man who has been drawn into hierarchical household without knowing what he is getting into. There are quite a few differences in the background (David wants to be part of his family even if he doesn’t fully know what he is getting into, Mattin joins Jahleen’s household out of sheer desperation), but they approach it so differently. I like Mattin, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have spent so long on his story, but David’s bravado, the way he turns his embarrassment and nervousness into humor and strength, makes him one of my all time favorite characters to date.

And as I’ve said elsewhere a time or two, I love a brat.

There is a good possibility we’ll be seeing more of the wolf pack in the future. Hell, there’s at least a half dozen members who didn’t even get their names mentioned this time out, some of whom will not be shy about demanding a story of their own in the future. (And Ben, you can sit down and put a cock in it. I’ll get around to you when I’m good and ready.)

I hope you enjoyed reading A Hole in the Pack as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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