Thoughts on: Salvage


I can be honest here, right?

Writing a trans character terrified me.

I try to be a good ally, but I know that it doesn’t matter how much I educate myself, or how much my trans friends choose to tell me about their experiences. The truth is, I don’t understand.

Just as most men will never understand the daily shit women deal with, just as a white person can never grok the systematic oppression PoC deal with every fucking day, I, as a cis woman, can never understand what life is like for a trans* person.

And that means, sooner or later, I’m going to get something wrong. Sooner or later I’m going to make a mistake, an write something that adds to the problem rather than being part of the solution.

The easy answer, the ‘safe’ answer, would be not to write trans* characters. To write worlds where the binary is not an illusion, but the reality. A world where everyone is either a man, or a woman, and there’s nothing in between.

I would never make a mistake then, never write a trans* character in a way that was damaging or insulting or fed the idiotic stereotypes. But then there would be a bigger problem, a bigger mistake. The mistake of pretending that trans* people don’t exist.

I hope I did a good job writing John. I hope I managed to avoid being offensive or reinforcing stereotypes. But if I didn’t? If I did make those mistakes? I can live with it.

I can live with it a lot easier than I could live with writing trans* out of existence.

1 thought on “Thoughts on: Salvage

  1. phoenixasubbie

    My sister and niece are trans. Even if you get “it wrong” they are all different, as everyone else… likely for some not wrong. I’m glad that someone like you makes a effort to tell their stories. Xxxx


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